Financial Restructurings and Insolvency Law

Our legal experts advise all stakeholders in restructuring processes, including banks, creditors, debtors and buyers of non-performing loans or assets of companies in financial difficulties. We have been involved in several successful restructuring procedures and have extensive knowledge and experience with regard to the pitfalls of this type of process. We provide our clients with a holistic approach to restructuring, aimed at achieving the repayment of creditors’ claims and the liquidity and solvency of the debtor.

In this context and in early stages of drafting loan agreements and other commercial contracts, we consider all possible scenarios and assess the risks associated with the potential insolvency of the counterparty. We advise on all stages of out-of-court financial restructuring procedures, including the conclusion of standstill agreements and negotiations on financial restructuring agreements, as well as any other related activities.

We advise clients on all aspects of insolvency proceedings. We assist creditors in compulsory settlement procedures, voting on the proposed financial restructuring plans and filing bankruptcy claims. We represent both bankruptcy creditors and debtors in litigation processes in relation to bankruptcy proceedings, including procedures for challenging legal actions of the bankruptcy debtor, contesting claims and separate settlement rights etc.

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