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Fatur Menard Law Firm was established by merging law firms of the founding partners Andrej Fatur and Maja Menard in 2018. We are one of the well-established Slovenian law firms in the field of commercial law, specializing in corporate, M&A and competition law. We are acknowledged for our high level of professionalism, responsiveness and dedication to our work and our clients. In the search for optimal and comprehensive solutions for even the most complex legal issues, we offer clients a wide range of legal services, using a holistic approach while taking into account the financial and business aspects of their operations. With the aim of providing the highest quality of services, we also regularly liaise with renowned domestic and foreign experts and are active members of several international associations and organizations.

Most of our legal experts have built on their existing knowledge and experience by acquiring academic experience abroad and working in an international environment. Our high level of professionalism, dedication to the law profession, motivation and responsiveness enable us to offer our clients innovative solutions at any time in response to their specific economic needs. At Fatur Menard Law Firm, we place great importance on the continuing education and professional involvement of our legal experts, both at home and abroad.

We provide legal services in the Slovenian, English, French, Croatian, Serbian, Spanish, German and Italian language.

Law Firm Fatur Menard, l.f., Ltd.

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